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•Low Cost
•High Reliability
•Rapid Loading
•Long Life
•Available Ready to Wire

Versi Traq Components
Versi-Traq Design Guide
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• Versi-Traq Document Package

See the datasheet for Clamshell Bed-of-Nails Fixtures, bases, and additional Test Fixture components.

 Versi-Traq Test Fixtures

In addition to Test Fixtures for the Circuit-Traq Test System, Automatiq manufacturers a line of inexpensive Clamshell Bed-of-Nails Test Fixtures and bases for use in custom test systems. The Versi-Traq Test Fixture is ideal for medium to high volume products where speed of loading and long life can justify the extra expense and complexity of the Test Fixture.

The Versi-Traq Test Fixture is available in six standard sizes. See the Data Sheet for specific sizes. Contact Automatiq directly for custom sizes. The basic Versi-Traq Test Fixture does not include a base.  Standard 2U (3.5") high bases are also available with cutout and mounting hardware to accommodate each size Versi-Traq Test Fixture.  Custom bases to accommodate test circuits are available. Contact Automatiq directly for custom bases. The basic Versi-Traq Test Fixture is provided undrilled.

A complete Ready-to-Wire test fixture including drilling, installed pogo pins, and board location hardware is available.  Complete the Request for Quote form and send it to Automatiq for a fixed price quotation for a Ready-to-Wire test fixture for your board.  We will need Gerber files for the board, a Test Point List with some way to relate the Test Points to the Gerbers, and a Sample Board populated as it will be tested in order to get started.

If you have a difficult to probe board, Automatiq has extensive experience designing test fixtures for complicated boards and assemblies. Please contact us directly for advice or a quote.

The Clamshell Bed-of-Nails Test Fixture described above is designed to be used with free-standing bases for custom test fixtures.  Click here to see the Clamshell Bed-of-Nails fixture with Standard TestFixture Kits for use with the Automatiq TestSystem.
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